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Let us wax poetic about.

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Mind Cog App
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Mill Real Estate
56 In Progress
Eastern Sack
21 In Progress
Fortier Studio
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Indi Wheel Web
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Assigned tasks
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Erin Gonzales
Medium 24 Mar, 2019
Define users and workflow

A cheeseburger is more than sandwich

Virgil Gonzales
Medium 27 Mar, 2019
Change interface

Efficiently unleash cross-media information

Nicole Wyne
Low 29 Mar, 2019
Create databases

Here's the story of a man named Brady

Darryl Day
High 2 Apr, 2019
Verify connectivity

Bugger bag egg's old boy willy jolly

Riley Newman
Medium 7 Apr, 2019
Prepare implementation

Drop in axle roll-in rail slide

  • Virgil Gonzales

    Complete task Prototype Design

    10:44 PM
  • Marshall Nichols

    Complete task Documentation

    10:44 PM
  • Marshall Nichols

    Commented 'That's not our work'

    8:34 PM
  • Pamela Wanda

    Removed a file

    8:34 PM
  • Lilian Stone

    Attached file Mockup Zip

    8:34 PM
  • Marshall Nichols

    Complete task UI Revamp

    10:44 PM
  • Riley Newman

    Commented 'Hi, please done this before tommorow'

    8:34 PM
  • Erin Gonzales

    Complete task UI Revamp

    10:44 PM
  • Pamela Wanda

    Complete task Clean Up Workspace

    11:25 PM
  • Nicole Wyne

    Complete task Create Workspace

    8:25 PM